Four Wheels Around - A Road Trip from the UK to South Africa

In February 2009 we are setting off on the trip of a lifetime from Brighton, E-Sussex, UK to South Africa. Furthermore, we are raising money for the British Red Cross along the way. This blog will cover our preparation until we leave and our adventures whilst we are on the road.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Latest News! 13/03


Ok so we have been stranded in Brasov for a few days now and I can't say that it has be too hard for us. We feel a little bit like veterens at the Hostel we have seen many travellers come and go during the evening, and by day we have spent our time trekking to the mechanics to check on the ill one.
We have spoken to Colin the mechanic this morning who has assured us that Carol is now back on form, fighting fit and ready to go.... we are heading over there shortly to see for ourselves. Test her out today with a small excursion and if all is well getting back on the road to Bulgaria tomorrow.
We will be quite sad to leave Brasov as we have become quite attached to the place as we have been here for 5 days now! Our evenings have been taken up by sampling some of Brasovs finest drinkeries. We have caused a stir where ever we have been and made such an impression in one place that we have been invited back there to a party tonight by the bar owner. Last night we ventured to a Scottish bar that unfortunately seemed to be aimed purely at expats. The prices reflected this. After drinking beer and wine in Brasov for under 1 pound the prices steeped up, to more than double that and so we walked out in disgust! A lot of the bars are hidden in cellers/basements, most are very charming places with lots of character. I could imagine these kind of places being very popular in Brighton.
Alex and Josh in one of the 'dungeon' bars.

Mount Tampa:

View of Mount Tampa from the central square in Brasov.
Me enjoying a walk up Tampa.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so warm that we even took our coats off. We walked up the side of Mount Tampa. There is still a fair bit of snow on the mountain and we decided to walk on a hidden and obviously rarely used path which made getting up there a bit tricky. We had got up quite high when Alex suddenly asked me about the 'bear situation' on Tampa. Now, I remember being told that last year some people were killed by bears on Tampa. I hadn't recalled this until yesterday, half way along a deserted route up Mounth Tampa. I am sure that a lot of the rumours are just heresay but nevertheless I had visions of being chased down a snowy mountain by a grizzly bear and so we cut our walk a little bit short and had some lunch in town instead.
A perfect hiding place for the grizzlys......
A guy who is staying at the hostel at the moment (Shabaz) has kindly lent me his extension lead so I am able to transfer some photgraphs onto the internet. I have uploaded only a really few of the ridiculous amounts I have taken in the passed three weeks but click on the links below to have a butchers.


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