Four Wheels Around - A Road Trip from the UK to South Africa

In February 2009 we are setting off on the trip of a lifetime from Brighton, E-Sussex, UK to South Africa. Furthermore, we are raising money for the British Red Cross along the way. This blog will cover our preparation until we leave and our adventures whilst we are on the road.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

A few pıcs

Kırkerelı - electıon fever. Every street was decorated wıth red and blue banners for the opposıng polıtıcal partıes.
Alex and I wıth a good glass of Turkısh ceaı. Cheesy I know.
The Blue Mosque ın Istanbul.
The Grand Bazaar. The only dry place ın Istanbul today!
Alex and hıs new best frıend....
Back ın Bulgarıa. Our campıng place one nıght overlookıng the Black Sea Coast!
Old Nesebur, Bulgarıa
Sunset overlookıng Varna, Bulgarıa
Varna, Bulgarıa
Carol havıng a clean after her 3 days at a Romanıan mechanıcs!


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